Jersey Uniform carries a full line of flame retardant workwear in a wide assortment of styles and brands. This includes long-sleeve, button-down work shirts, pull-over Henley style shirts and sweatshirts. Work pants, cargo style, and jeans are also options, as well as coveralls, overall bibs and outerwear (coats and jackets). Jersey Uniform also offers flame retardant accessories including helmets, liners, hoods and face masks. Many of these items are also available with high visibility options. Jersey Uniform offers flame retardant work wear from Carhartt, Bulwark, Rasco, Nomex III, Reed Manufacturing and Westex, which is produced in the United States. If your job requires you to wear flame retardant clothing, Jersey Uniform is a must visit. With both warm and cold weather options, we can fulfill your requirements and help you perform your job effectively and comfortably.