Good work boots are just a part of keeping your feet comfortable during many hours on your feet during the work day. Wearing quality work socks is the other half of keeping your feet warm and dry.

Jersey Uniform sells multiple categories of work socks, including thermal insulated, moisture wicking, odor resistant and many more.

With Jersey Uniform offering many of the top nationally recognized sock brands -including Wigwam, RailRoad, Wolverine and Refrigiwear and more – you are sure to find just the right sock to do the job at great prices.

Remember: The right shoe or boot just won’t do the job without the right pair of socks. Good work shoes and boots and the right socks are what you need for proper foot care. And we have both at Jersey Uniform.

Key Sock Brands & Styles

  • Refrigiwear #0033 Extra Thick Wick Socks With Superior Moisture-Wicking
  • Wigwam 40 Below Brand Heavy Weight Wool Socks
  • Railroad Steel Toe Work Socks
  • Wolverine Thermal Insulated Wool Socks

Let us know what socks you need. If we don’t have them in stock, we can order them. We will find the best socks for the job you do. We’re here to protect your feet.