Jersey Uniform leaves no stones unturned when it comes to outfitting the working class by offering many accessory items to complete your needs. Jersey Uniform has the supply of gloves to keep your hands toasty warm and dry in the winter and gloves to keep them protected all year long no matter the season. Products just don’t stop at your hands with a full line of head wear and face masks ranging from winter fleece lined knit hats to summer baseball style caps. Jersey Uniform will have your much needed headwear accessory. With many men and women working in dangerous environments, Jersey Uniform stocks safety hard hats to keep the work force protected. With a complete line of thermal underwear from some of the leading companies such as Carhartt and Indera Mills, you will be sure to find the desired thermal product. With suspenders, work aprons, work belts, safety glasses , welders’ caps, work boot toe savers and so much more, Jersey Uniform has the items you need. From head to toe you’re sure to locate just the right accessory product at Jersey Uniform.

Some of the items we carry include:

  • Indera Mills and Carhartt Thermal underwear
  • Insulated and or waterproof gloves from many brands including ReFrigiwear
  • Headwear ranging from Insulated knit hats , hard hat liners, face masks, welders’ caps, and baseball caps.
  • Leather work belts, suspenders, tool belts.